Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper

Restaurant interior and exterior performance

R1 Parking Lot
R2 Restaurant Sign
R3 Doors, Windows
R4 Lobby/Waiting Area
R5 Ambiance
R6 Ambiance
R7 Music
R8 Ventilation
R9 Dining Area
R10 Tables, Chairs
R11 Dispensers
R12 High Chairs
R13 Bathrooms
R14 Bathrooms

Order Taking and Hospitality

O1 Staff
O2 Staff
O3 Food: Doner
O4 Time to Order
O5 Staff
O6 Staff
O7 Menu
O8 Food/Drink
O9 Food/Drink
O10 Food/Drink
O11 Refrigerator

Food Service and Hospitality towards your party

P1 Order Fulfillment
P2 Food Appearance
P3 Food Plating
P4 Food Temperature
P5 Clean Table
P6 Water Refill
P7 Hospitality

Restaurant Staff in General

S1 Cleanliness
S2 Hygiene
S3 Hospitality
S4 Hospitality
S5 Teamwork
S6 Cleanliness
S7 Hospitality


M1 Availability
M2 Hospitality
M3 Teamwork
M4 Professionalism
M5 Professionalism

Overall Visit

VG Guest Experience
VS Secret Shopper Experience
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