Planning a Special Event? Here Are 5 Tips for Planning a Successful Event

Planning a Special Event? Here Are 5 Tips for Planning a Successful Event

Planning a Special Event? Here Are 5 Tips for Planning a Successful Event


A birthday, an engagement, a wedding, a corporate party, or just a special dinner with family and friends, planning an event can be pretty fun, and at the same time, stressful. Here at DonerG, we have come up with five tips that will help you plan a successful event that will remain in the memories of your guests. 

  • Choose a date

Thinking of planning an event? Choosing a date puts your event in a clearer perspective, especially if you have been dreaming of that event for a long time without taking an active step. 

Having a set date also encourages you to start planning as you have adequate time to pick a venue and book services necessary for the event. You also have the luxury of knowing what the weather will be like on that special day, helping you make weather-proof plans.

  • Decide on your guests.people Eating Mediterranean

How many guests are you having at your event? 10? 20? 30? Or more? Decide on the number of guests you want at your event. This determines the size of the venue, the quantity of food and drinks, and other important decisions. 

Write a list of your guests’ names to plan a sitting arrangement, and note their dietary needs and allergies. 

  • Create a budget

A budget keeps you in check to get lost in the planning process and spend more. With a budget, you get to allocate how much you will spend on food, decorations, venue, etc. This way, you have a successful event without running into debts.

  • Ask for help

No matter how small your event may be, you might get overwhelmed with the planning process. What happens when wine tasting and venue tour is on the same day? Assistance is necessary. Ask for help from friends or family members who are efficient. 

  • Hire DonerG for your event catering

Good food makes a successful party. Why? Because everyone loves food. With guests coming from far and near, it is essential that they get to enjoy great food. 

Do you know that DonerG offers catering services for events in California? We cater for outdoor and indoor services of different guest’s sizes. We offer you healthy and delicious meals that will have your guests looking forward to your next event.


Planning an event can be quite draining physically, financially and mentally. DonerG is here to alleviate some of that stress. We have in-house professional specialists that will work closely with you to create the perfect menu. We pay attention to your guests’ dietary needs by making use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our meals are vegan and gluten-free and are also kids friendly. 

At DonerG, our unique catering menu covers delicious and healthy Mediterranean meals such as entrees like the Doner and Shish Kebabs, falafel, salads, pita and wraps, side dishes, desserts and drinks. 

Talk to us or visit any of our locations for a one-on-one chat. We are always here to make your dream event a success. 


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