6 Easy Chicken Wrap Recipes That Will Keep Your Guest Drooling

6 Easy Chicken Wrap Recipes That Will Keep Your Guest Drooling

6 Easy Chicken Wrap Recipes That Will Keep Your Guest Drooling

Chicken wraps are a great way to make yourself an easy lunch or dinner or a busy weekday. They are easy to make and you can pack it for your kid or serve them as starters the next time you have a house party. Wrap ingredients like whole grain flour are also quite healthy. All you need is some tortilla and chicken breasts or deboned chicken thighs. With a few other ingredients and a little imagination, you can make great chicken wrap.

Here are some ideas.


1.    Barbeque Chicken Wrap


  • Take some diced chicken pieces and marinate them with salt, pepper, cayenne, and freshly chopped garlic. Let it sit for about an hour.
  • Then add some oil in a pan and sear them till they are nice and brown.
  • Add half a can of barbeque sauce and stir it.
  • Then take your pita and put in a generous dollop of chicken in each. Wrap it up and finish it in the oven till the pitas are crisp.


2.    Chicken Wrap with Cream and Mushroom


You can enjoy your creamy chicken and mushroom with a wrap!

  • Add some olive oil to a pan and add diced mushrooms of your choice.
  • Put in some garlic, lemongrass, and basil. Add salt and pepper for seasoning. Stir fry them for a while and add the chicken.
  • Stir for about five minutes and add milk. Put on the lid and let it simmer till the chicken is cooked. Then, add heavy cream and some parmesan.
  • Stir it and arrange them neatly as fillings in a tortilla. Bake in the oven for a crispy wrap.


3.    Garlic Chicken Wrap



This is just the easiest of the lot.

  • All you have to do is marinate your diced chicken with lots of garlic, pepper, salt, and some red chili.
  • Then add a cup of yogurt and let it rest for another half an hour.
  • Then add oil to a pan and transfer the entire mixture in one go.
  • Stir it for five minutes, cover the lid and let the chicken simmer in its juices and the yogurt.
  • Once the chicken is cooked, transfer to a wrap or tortilla and bake till it’s crispy.


4.    Chicken and Veggies Wrap


If your children don’t want to have their veggies, now is the time to make them do so.

  • Shred some boiled chicken and add it to shredded carrots, cabbage, finely cut tomatoes, and bell peppers.
  • Add half a cup of corn and finely cut beans. Add all of them to a pan with little oil and stir fry with salt and pepper, leeks, and garlic. Remove it from heat and add some ketchup.
  • Toast the wraps on a pan with some butter and transfer the filling. Add dollops of mayo and the wrap is done.


5.    Eggs and Chicken Wrap


You hardly need anything with this wrap.

  • Beat two eggs and transfer it to a hot pan with some butter. Go about how you would make scrambled eggs.
  • Then add some onions and shredded boiled chicken.
  • Mix it up with some soy sauce, vinegar, and oyster sauce.
  • Transfer it your tortillas, wrap them up and bake in the oven till crisp.


6.    Fried Chicken Wrap


  • Marinate chicken in buttermilk for two hours.
  • Add salt, pepper, and cayenne to the mix.
  • Then, take the chicken out and coat them thickly in bread crumbs and deep fry them till they are brown and crisp.
  • If you want healthy options, you can grill them on shish.
  • Add them to tortillas toasted in butter and wrap them for the goodness of fried chicken in wraps.


Try any of these chicken wrap recipes at home and they are sure to become a staple!


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