A Guide to Making the Perfect Doner

A Guide to Making the Perfect Doner

A Guide to Making the Perfect Doner


Juicy and yummy, the doner kebab is a Turkish meal that has won the hearts of many, making it a menu’s choice, especially amongst millennials. Dinner for you, your family or your significant other, or a ladies’ sleepover does not have to be made of boring options when you can make a spectacular doner kebab right in your kitchen. The doner kebab can be ready in just about 30 minutes.

The thought of making a perfect homemade kebab might seem tasking, but with easy to get ingredients like lamb, garlic powder, onion, black pepper, yoghurt, the doner kebab is simple to prepare. 


  • What type of meat is used in preparing the doner kebab? Healthy Gyro

Traditionally, the doner kebab is prepared with lamb meat. However, doner kebab can be made with chicken, turkey, veal and even pork, all cooked in similar ways. As long as the meat is fresh, you can always use any available meat.


Homemade doner kebab should have a perfect ratio of meat and vegetable. You don’t want to have too much meat, and at the same time, you don’t want to have too much vegetable. Ensure that the meat is thinly sliced. 


  • Grilling or baking homemade doner kebab?

On medium-high heat, you can grill your homemade doner kebabs, thrilling your audience with your barbecue flipping skills. If you don’t have a grill, you could bake the doner kebab meat. Whatever way you cook your doner kebab, ensure that the meat is well cooked. 


  • Don’t forget the yoghurt sauce. 

The creamy consistency of this sauce is relevant to the taste of your doner kebabs made at home. You can use plain or Greek yoghurt, which would give an even creamier taste because of its thickness. 


  • Want a perfect doner kebab?Adana kabab


Marinate your meat. It becomes tender with selected spices and yoghurt seeping into the doner meat, making for a tastier homemade doner kebab. Marinate the meat of your choice for 8-24 hours.


  • Prepare ahead. 


What is worth doing is worth doing well, and for the homemade doner kebab, you need to plan. Get all your ingredients ready, so you don’t have to substitute or leave out the essential ingredients at the last minute. 


  • Be adventurous. 

Doner SaltadoTry new things with your selections. Go with spices and vegetables to make a bold and juicy doner kebab. 

You can enjoy the homemade doner kebab with a range of toppings and sides such as tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, salad, potatoes, pitta, rice, flatbreads, etc. 



Nothing beats a homemade meal, giving you a sense of satisfaction. For your tasty and juicy doner kebab dishes, visit DonerG and get to create your meal from a menu of delightful varieties. We will have your delicious doner meals delivered to your doorstep. Your meal can be paired with vegetarian and gluten-free drinks and desserts. At DonerG, we also have recipes you can try at home, making your homemade doner kebab meal a delight for you and your family.


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