Four Unconventional Tips to Enjoying Your Doner Kebabs

Four Unconventional Tips to Enjoying Your Doner Kebabs

Four Unconventional Tips to Enjoying Your Doner Kebabs

If you love doner kebabs, you’d want to read this.

There are many ways to enjoy your favourite late night snack. More than just eating it squished between a stack of greens and wrapped in delicious pita bread, your doner kebabs present a lot of delightful possibilities. And boy, these are possibilities that will make your doner kebab a better, more delicious and more enjoyable experience!

Here are all the tips and guidelines that don’t always come with your serving of doner kebab:

  1. If you want a healthier doner kebab option skip the sauces and other add-ons and stick to more salad than meat. Doner kebab is undeniably higher in fat and salt contents. That can be really difficult to eat if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle. But that should not stop you from enjoying your occasional doner kebab! To have it fit into your healthier diet, avoid the things that make them less than ideally healthy, like the mayo-based sauces and fatty dips. Or better yet, go for healthier options for doner kebabs like Doner G’s lean chicken doner pita wrap.
  2. It goes great with rice. If you’re used to doner kebabs that are wrapped in pitta or Lavash, and have not yet tried out eating it with rice, then you’re clearly missing out. Doner kebabs, in all its meaty and juicy goodness, go really great with steamed rice as they do in many parts of Turkey. The rice can perfectly absorb the dribbling sauces and the rich meat flavour is balanced out by the meat. Plus eating your doner with rice is a much more convenient and less messy way of eating.
  3. It’s perfect with beer. We may be used to eating doner for a post-drinking spree meal and a way to get back to sobriety. Or you may know it better as your popular choice as on-the-go lunch. But you’re clearly missing out on a great beer match. Doner kebab’s perfectly grilled meats are the perfect pair for a cold bottle of beer, and the kebab’s spices create a perfect explosion of flavors against the taste of beer. That is better than any beer and burger combo you can find anywhere.
    Power pair: Beer and doner kebab

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  4. Don’t eat your doner before an important meeting. Doner kebabs are so delicious but it may be a mistake to eat it prior to an important meeting. It may also not be the best place for a first date. In fact, you should not include a doner kebab in the before and during phases of a meeting or date. Doner’s are really messy to eat so dribbling sauces on shirts, sticky hands, and messy faces are to be expected. Also, the spices are pretty pungent and may give your breath a less than desirable aroma and could create a bad impression. Eat it afterwards instead: as a reward for if you do a job well done, or as a consolation for when you did rather poorly. Either way, doner kebabs can make you feel good (or better as the case may be).

And don’t bother looking glam whilst eating your doner kebabs. They are best for eating without a care in the world. Then again, if you’re eating kebabs as good as the ones sold on Doner G, you’ll likely forget about the rest of the world and just dig into its flavour-rich goodness.

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