Healthy Fast Food Lunch Options Under 500 Calories

Healthy Fast Food Lunch Options Under 500 Calories

Healthy Fast Food Lunch Options Under 500 Calories




The media has influenced the thoughts of an average human about fast food. The first thing that probably comes to mind is a portion of junk food that contains a high amount of salt and fat, which can lead to terrible health conditions. 


You won’t be wrong to say that quite many fast food options are abettors to health problems. Still, that doesn’t rule out the fact that there are healthy fast food servings. Low-calorie fast food options are mostly a matter of indigenous cuisines, and a lot of them are good choices for lunch.




Are you a 9-5 worker, and do you have a diet plan which you don’t have time to follow? Do you rely on fast food but worried your choice would tell on you in years to come? Worry no more. We’ve got solutions to your anxieties. 


We understand fully that having a diet plan can be time-consuming, which leaves corporate world personnel heavily reliant on fast food options even through the rumors and health scares. Nonetheless, eating is still a mandatory thing, especially on a dehydrating afternoon after a tense conference. The deal about healthy fast food options is that their calorie level is very low, and the nutritional value should be around or under 500g of calories. Some of them include are grilled dishes, vegetables, egg plates, and chicken meals. The varieties of these healthy fast food options are; Grilled Chicken sandwich with a calorie level of 375g, Grilled chicken wrap 400g, Burrito bowl 440g, Grilled Ceasar Salad 440g, Sandwiches 280g, Mediterranean Chicken Salad 320g, and Hamburger 460g. Vegetable options are dishes like the Doner kebab salad plate, Chi kofte, and Kibbeh.


  • Kibbeh

Kibbeh is a vegetarian dish made with lemon, nuts, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce to keep you within the right calorie limit.




  • Chi Kofte

Chi Kofte is also another healthy fast food dish made with lettuce and spices like onions, lemon, and nuts.




The invention of fast-food restaurants has become a blessing and a curse, with it helping career people save productive time while aiding obesity in others. So, how do these working-class people lose weight while consuming fast food? There are fast food restaurants with healthy fast food options that ensure you do not go beyond your daily or weekly calorie requirements.


Primarily, losing weight has to do with calorie balance. A certain number of calories has to be shed off by cutting off meals that increase the body’s calorie value. In men’s case, up to 2,000g of calories has to shed off weekly to achieve a healthy balance of calories and evade obesity problem. In comparison, women have to shed off up to 1,500g of calories weekly to avoid any health complications of unwanted weight increase in the same period.


Losing weight might prove a little difficult, but it’s not impossible. There are guiding principles on how to lose weight while eating fast food meals. The most important thing is to avoid eating meat and cheese in the morning as much as you can. It brings a considerable level of cholesterol and calories and increases body fat, which only bloats out of proportion. Cut off fries completely to also border cholesterol level. Eat more egg wraps, roasted tomatoes, spinach, and egg sandwiches. Consider taking more legumes, vegetables, and salads along with grilled protein and chicken salad and falafels that have more vegetables. Always wash the food down with coffee, which helps digestion.


An indigenous restaurant that offers these meals is DonerG Turkish and Mediterranean Grill that gives you these healthy dishes—saving you time and protecting you from health issues. You’re only one click away. 

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