Is Turkish Food Popular in the US?

Is Turkish Food Popular in the US?

Is Turkish Food Popular in the US?



The Turkish people’s aromatic, meaty cuisine is becoming a favorite in many parts of the world for its exquisite taste and combinations. Garnished with leafy vegetables and fibrous legumes, this cuisine houses a delicacy that leaves your tongue relishing for more.


Turkish gastronomy has a vast range of choices to select from, ensuring you don’t run out of options on what to try out. 

Are you unsure of where to get Turkish food? Are Turkish meals available in the US? If they are, are you curious about finding the right place for popular Turkish meals in the US? 

Welcome then. We have the right answers to all your concerns about Turkish food. Let’s dive right in! 


Is Turkish Food Popular in the US? 


The popularity of Turkish food is relative in the United States. There seems to be more consumption and availability of Turkish dishes in the eastern part of the country, especially in cities like New York and New Jersey. The limit to its popularity was induced by the reasonably high standards of living and also the considerable population of Turkish students in American universities who needs to satisfy their cravings for local dishes from time to time.


What are the Popular Turkish Dishes in the US?


The most popular Turkish food dishes in the United States are the Doner Kebabs, the Dolma, and Yogurt. Another meal with considerable popularity is the Cacik, it’s described as a high quality-dish, and therefore, its price tends to be a head-turner.


Let’s take a look into the doner kebabs as they have a deeply rich-in-culture history. 


Why is the Doner Kebab A Popular Turkish Food in the US?


Following the Second World War, immigrants from Turkey extended the reach of the kebab. The vertically spit-roasted meal gradually became a world-renowned dish that spread across Europe and the U.S. 

Another school of thought preaches its satisfying taste and nutrition-packed characteristic. The Kebab’s meat is properly grilled and, the ingredients are balanced from top to bottom. Studies show that the Doner Kebab is very low on fat, making the dish a healthy option for athletes and models who can take a good munch without fear. The Kebab can be enjoyed in pastry wraps or be dipped in cucumber soup or yogurt, or even desserts.


Where Can I Get Popular Turkish Food in the US?


Now, you know the Popular Turkish food in the US, and you would want to try one but, do you know where to get one that would give you the same feeling of taste you would get from traditional Turkish restaurants. Doner G is a Turkish and Mediterranean grill based in California, USA. With four outlets in California, Doner G aims to bridge the gap and doubts people in Western America have for Turkish food through memorable dining experiences. Their menu options range from beef kebabs, served with pita bread, tomato and yogurt, to signature dishes like Turkish street fries and Instabowl, and drinks and desserts to go with the food. 


Below are some of the sizzling options the modern Turkish food outlet offers:


Iskender Beef Doner


The Iskender Beef Doner is a kebab dish prepared with an organic sauce that is unique. The delicacy is accompanied by melted butter, yogurt, and roasted tomatoes.


Turkish Street Fries

This is a unique combo dish with protein varieties like the Doner kebab, French fries, grilled onions, and cabbage, all cooked with a special sauce. 


The Doner Grill


The Grill dish is beef and chicken doner kebab served with Adana sheesh Kebab and rice. The dish also comes with a sauce and salad to give it a diverse taste.


They also provide you with the offer of choosing your meal combo from their meat options. Sounds like fun, right?.

You are one click away from your delicious plate of kebab. 

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