This is more of a familiar terrain for those who have been at McDonald’s before and likewise at a kebab restaurant. If you’ve done that, this becomes more relatable. Conventionally, McDonald’s is the best spot where children are taken to, the first time their parents decide to take them out for a treat. 

This is a relatable case for most of us. we similarly had our fair share while we were still kids. McDonald’s for most of us, growing up, was an obsession before we had that contact with a Kebab restaurant.

That experience was the twist for a lot of us. From that point, we would discover how exciting kebab has been to us. This preference change, therefore, makes us wonder what reasons are responsible for this twist.

Why Doner Kebab Foods Are Better Than McDonald’s Food?


Asides from the different meals and treats that make Kebab better than McDonald’s, two other factors play significant roles in the preference given to Kebab foods over McDonald’s foods.

  • Varieties of Supreme Tastes

Kebab is absolutely tasty, even better if you are a fan of spicy foods. In many ways, the varieties of taste offered by Kebab meals in different regions makes it a better choice when compared to a lot of top fast-food restaurants including McDonald’s foods.

It is a different feeling to get a delectable taste with various varieties. You rarely can get over the different tastes at your disposal whenever you try them out. From regions to regions, Doner Kebab restaurants provide different varieties of supreme tastes to the delight of their customers.

  • Healthier Foods

For those that eat McDonald’s foods, what you have at your disposal is nothing close to healthy. Kebab foods are healthier to a large extent. What you get at McDonald’s is just deep-fried and seriously salted French fries and heaps of sugar. 

On the flipside, Kebab restaurants’ foods are healthier as they make use of fresh and unprocessed meat for making their foods. They similarly provide an assortment of vegetables for you when you eat their meals.

What Doner Kebab Foods Are Better Than McDonald’s Food?

There are a lot of meals you will surely enjoy more in Doner Kebab’s restaurant. From this long menu, we have drawn out a number of these meals at Kebab restaurants that would beat whatever McDonald’s has to offer. 

  • Turkish Street Fries

Turkish Frys

This signature meal is a blend of French fries, donerg house sauce, jalapeno, red cabbage, corn, grilled onions, feta cheese, parsley, and Doner Kebab beef. Want to have a taste of this treat? Place an order for pickup or delivery.



  • Istanbowl

Grab a taste of our bowl of rice, red cabbage, shepherd’s salad, onions, parsley, falafel, pita bread, and beef, and chicken Döner Kebab. Order for this treat from Istanbul here.



  • Doner Saltado

Doner SaltadoThis plate of delight comes as a tasty blend of rice pilaf, french fries, fried egg, beef, and chicken Doner Kebab, caramelized onions, grilled tomatoes, and bell peppers, scallions and topped with spicy serrano chili sauce. Get yours now.



  • Iskender Kebab Plate

Iskander kebab

When you combine beef Doner Kebab with our extraordinary organic Iskender sauce and melted butter on a bed of Pita Bread, you have this magic. It gets even better when served with yogurt, fire-roasted tomato, and green chili peppers. Grab a taste of this delight now.



  • Kebab with Salad
Best adana Kebab in Orange County

Best adana Kebab in Orange County


When you grab a piece of Kebab with salad without bread or French fries, you can be sure you have made a great choice. On the other hand, going for a salad in McDonald’s is never a match to this tasty Kebab delight. Try the taste of this meal today. Place your order here.

Doner G is a restaurant that has been providing a wide variety of Mediterranean meals in Orange County for a while now. With a handful of healthy options, several flexible meals, and a span of food station alternatives, Doner G stands out in the whole of Orange County. For additional details, connect with us today!


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