Sauces and condiments are a necessary part of our daily meals, as they give our meals a whole different texture and taste. Food sauces are made up of three components; the liquid part, a thickening agent or vegetable purees, and seasoning. The purpose of a sauce is to add moisture and texture to the served food. It also adds to the flavor and richness of the meal.

Therefore, the standard of a good sauce is tied to the thickness, texture, and color. The thickness, because a sauce needs thickness to be spread evenly to give the food a balanced taste, the texture for proper distribution of ingredients to make sure nothing is lacking, and the color which stands as part of its character.

Various restaurants have their signature sauces, some of which are rated well for filling all the criteria, while some have been described as worse due to their taste, texture, or even color. In Orange County, where millennials are its populous inhabitants, sauces have been reviewed. And from these reviews, which are available online, we have ranked from the worst to the best to give you an idea of where to eat sauce the next time you pop out in Orange County.


  • Carl Jr’s Buffalo Sauce

Carl's Jr - Takeout & Delivery - 39 Photos & 120 Reviews - Burgers - 3816 S Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Menu - YelpThis sauce is highly regarded as the worst restaurant sauce ever. It has a pitch-black color, quite watery, lacks flavor and texture. It is also very bland and unhealthy at the same time because the sauce is entirely chemical.

  • In and Out Burger Spread

The Ins-n-Outs of an In-N-Out Double-Double, Animal-Style Burger | The Food Lab | Serious EatsAnother restaurant sauce ranked as a very sour sauce in orange county.  The biggest problem with the sauce is that its use is very limited as it can only be used as a dipping for bacon. Trying it with something else never ends well, which gives a hint of how bland this sauce is.

  • White Castle Zesty Zing

White Castle Gift Card - Newark, NJ | GiftlyThe Zesty Zing sauce is not that bad, but it is also a sauce with very limited use.  Made with a dose of horseradish, it can only be used for pickles and buns.

  • KFC Finger ‘Lickin’ Sauce

Top Secret Recipes | KFC Finger Lickin' Good SauceMoving on to the fairer sauces, KFC finger ‘lickin’ sauce turns out to be quite a good sauce. The sauce was made with pickle juice and honey sauce, which makes it go with almost anything. Its limitations are based on it being too sweet and high-calorie content. It is also not suitable for people who hate or are allergic to mayonnaise.

  • Long John Silver Cocktail Sauce

The long John cocktail sauce has a sweet taste to it, and it is known to pair well with any seafood and battered chicken. However, despite being very compatible with seafood, the sauce should never be used for shrimps.

  • DonerG House Sauce

The house sauce of the DonerG restaurant is a tangy mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise muddled together with indigenous Turkish spice and herbs. It is excellent for beef, chicken, and even mutton. 

  • Burger King Ranch

Burger King tops this list as the best restaurant sauce due to its very distinct qualities. The sauce is very rich and creamy, which satisfies the thickness principle of a standard sauce. It also contains buttermilk to aid the creamy sauce from spreading evenly. It doesn’t leave an aftertaste or watered down effect, and its taste is often likened to that of a syrup.


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