What Makes a Good Doner Kebab?

What Makes a Good Doner Kebab?

We all know how to eat doner kebabs. We also all know all the different ways to eat them – wrapped in pita, with special rice, served with awesome sides. And most of us know how to eat our doner kebabs in a way that can make a second serving of doner kebab possible.

And you think you know what makes a good doner kebab. But do you, really?

Here’s a list of qualities that make your doner kebab a great one. Consider this your doner kebab lesson 101.

What’s in a Great Doner Kebab?

  1. Fresh meat.

    Only the freshest meat can taste so good. The beautiful, roasted, slightly charred and flavorful stacks of meat are the heart and soul of doner kebabs. Meat that’s past its prime or has stayed too long in the freezer lose their ability to soak up all the rich marinade flavors sd well as their ability for tenderness and juiciness. Only the freshest meat – and those sliced to perfect thinness – can get that perfect balance of soft, juicy, tasty goodness of a good doner kebab. It does not matter whether it’s chicken, beef, lamb, or even pork kebab – they have to be fresh.

  2. The perfect grill.vertical grill

    The vertical grill is used for a reason: it maintains and evens out the charring of the meats. It makes sure that every layer of meat gets the same amount of heat at the same time to result in perfect cooking. The temperature must be as controlled and the turning constant and on point. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some layers overcooked and some layers rare. That’s definitely not something you’d want to see in your kebab wrap.

  3. Rich marinade.

    The marinade is what makes sure that the meat is flavorful through and through. The marinade makes sure that when you bite into the juicy kebab meat, you don’t get charred bits of meat but you get smoky bits of meat oozing in flavor. Whether it’s the soak-up saucy kind, or the dry rub version, the pre-cooking flavors have to be full of authentic Turkish flavors that can tantalize and heighten your taste buds and lead you to gastronomic paradise.

  4. Perfectly-seasoned sauce.

    The sauce to doner kebab is what icing is to cake. The flavor inside is only made better by the sauce. It can’t be just a perfectly-seasoned sauce; it has to be the kind of sauce that makes the perfect complement to the already-rich kebab meat plus vegetables. It can’t be too overpowering or too bland; it can’t be too thick, but it can’t be too thin that you’d have to replenish after every bite. It just has to be perfect.kebab sauces

  5. The right meat-veggie ratio.

    The perfect doner kebab is a perfectly proportioned combo of meat and vegetables. You can’t have too many of either – you have to have just the right portions to get the perfect flavor (and to get your recommended amounts of proteins and leafy greens too!). Check out the menu

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