Why Do Millennials Eat More Kebab.

Why Do Millennials Eat More Kebab.


DonerG Turkish Fries

DonerG Turkish Fries

The kebab is fast becoming an option for a quick munch when you need something fast, but want to avoid adverse effects, mostly health-related. Millennials are informed and conscious of eating habits and their effect on their health and looks, the latter of which most are ultra-conscious. 

Millennials are entrepreneurial, conscious, and goal-oriented, and cover over one-third of the entire American workforce. This fact translates to a theory that an average millennial is busy and prefers to find the easy way to handle tasks. The need for healthy, satisfying, and fast food has become pressing on a millennial’s list. 

In response to this uncertainty about food choices, these young people have opted for fast food restaurants that offer healthy food options. And over a recent period, a distinct consumption pattern on kebabs has been discovered and has steadily been increasing. Millennials have been discovered to be at the top of these increase, and with every passing month, more of these healthy kebabs are ordered by young people, which leaves us with a query on why millennials continue to take more kebabs.


Image of Döner Saltado

Image of Döner Saltado

Of course, for a certain multitude to be consistent in their purchase or consumption of a meal type, there must be relevant reasons behind it. A major reason why Kebabs and Doner are ordered ceaselessly seems to be how healthy an option the kebab is. Kebabs are grilled, a responsible factor for its low-calorie value, even with condiments added. When garnished with vegetables like salad, pickles, and spinach with leafy sauces, the kebab becomes healthier and appropriate for young people who desire healthy dishes.


Another factor why kebabs and Doners are in heavy demand is, they drain out the effects of excessive drinking, which is a popular phenomenon among young people. Since Kebabs and Doner aid the body in clearing the effect of alcohol, it is little wonder that it has become a staple among millennials.

Millennials love food or snack that is prepared appropriately with a balance between the ingredients and taste. Kebabs are prepared just that way, a factor that has contributed to its popularity among young people. The heat of the grill gives the kebab meat a spectacular effect felt when eating it.

The option of vegetables that come with some kebab dishes is another factor that brings millennials closer to kebabs. Low calories, low carbohydrates, and more greens push them to buy more kebabs. 

You can eat kebabs anywhere. It can be served in a wrap or even a stick which means you don’t have to find a dish before enjoying a kebab or Doner. That convenience is another factor young people admire about Kebabs and continuously take them because of this.


Kebab and doner shops can be found easily. But if you are looking forward to a restaurant that allows you a spectacular dining experience with a wide range of Doner kebab dishes, then you need to visit DonerG

Whether you are in Anaheim, Irvine, or anywhere in Southern California, DonerG is a seasoned Turkish grill restaurant that offers pickup and delivery of sizzling kebab meals. 

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