Why Healthy Fast Food is a Growing Trend

Why Healthy Fast Food is a Growing Trend

Why Healthy Fast Food is a Growing Trend

Fast food is as old as America. In the early 90s, a time when the industrial revolution was gaining momentum, people’s lives became busier. The ever-increasing frenetic lifestyle of Americans made it difficult for most folks to cook their meals. 

Consequently, there arose a deep necessity for quick, cheap food, and the first restaurant, the white castle restaurant, fulfilled that need for the American people. 

With the first restaurant established, the fast-food chain business grew and spread across the country like a forest fire, with McDonald’s igniting the fire in many states.

Now scattered over the US are thousands of convenience food chains selling to millions of customers, which generate a whopping average of 200 million dollars in combined revenues in the US. 

Fast Food And Health Implications

The emergence of convenience food franchises brought about a new phenomenon—a quick way to fill people’s stomachs and fill their bodies, too. Many of the ingredients used in making fast food are preprocessed and contain high amounts of calories that cause obesity. 

Since public awareness about the connection between fast food and obesity is now high, there’s now a new demand for healthy, or at least, healthier convenience meals. 

Some of the best food outlets out there, renowned for serving healthy, cheap foods are of Turkish heritage.  Vegetables, grains, and meat are the major components of Turkish food and these contain fewer calories compared to other food stores. 

Examples of Healthy Turkish Fast Food Meals 

  • GyroDöner

Döner is a famous Turkish fast food that’s healthy for consumption. The preparation of this tasty delight involves the roasting of meat—chicken, lamb, beef, etc —on a spit positioned upright.  Folks can choose to order döner with bread or eat it with rice. 




  • Simit 

Simit is another Turkish fast food that’s acceptable by all. It’s a type of round-baked bread with sesame topping. You can eat this delicious meal with sausage or cheese with Turkish tea to wash it all down. 


  • Tantuni


A combination of tomatoes, pepper, and meat all wrapped inside a tortilla, the tantuni is a number one contender for healthy fast food of Turkish roots. Depending on how well you can handle peppery meals, you can choose between the spicy or mild variants. 


  • Pide


Pide is another fast and filling bite on the list of healthy Turkish fast foods. It’s bread made with little dough so that it appears slightly elevated yet maintains a flat shape. Then cheese, eggs, meats, and spices are added as toppings to make the tasty, delicious Pide. 

Where to Get Healthy Turkish Fast Food in the US

If you’re looking to experience the flavors and culinary delights Turkish cuisine has to offer in the US, look no further. At DönerG stores, we have a history of imprinting impressionable experiences and filling stomachs with sumptuous meals of Turkish origin. 

Preparation of meals and snacks listed on our menu is a careful selection process that involves the freshest of ingredients with few prepackaged products notorious for their high-calorie count.

You can order online or visit any of our stores to start eating healthy Turkish convenience food right away.

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